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Find out about all my various mobile applications for different platforms:

WMF Tools for Java

WMFWriter image
WMF2Viewer image
WMFViewer image
The WMF tools are libraries which allow the read and write of Windows Metafiles (WMF) from Java:


Here you can find my popular basketball game. It's pretty simple but addictive. The goal of the game is to shoot the ball into the basket by controlling the balls direction and speed.

It is available as a basketball Play it!


Ajax Projects


Stay on top of the heap and have all relevant information for the moment in one view. Customize your ≡Heaptop info board by adding different widgets for time, calendar, location and much more.


Please check the iPhone version in the App Store as well.


On SpeedyMarks you can create visual bookmarks for your favourite websites. It is insprired by Operas Speed Dial feature and uses thumbnails from WebSnapr. This makes it the perfect startpage for your browser. The background color and size of the speedymarks can be changed.

You can add a button to your website to make the addition to SpeedyMarks very easy.

Example:  Add

Please check the iPhone version iPhoneMarks as well.


Dashboard Widget
On CountDownr you can create your personal collection of countdown counters. There are two types of counters:

You can add your own counter to your web site or put a link to CountDownr with your personal events and calendars. Example: Midnight

The counters can be downloaded as Apple Dashboard widget and added to the Widgetop Web Desktop

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Please check the iPhone version (http://m.countdownr.com) as well.


Dashboard Widget
On WorldClockr you can create your personal collection of world clocks. The clocks show an animated sky background sepending on the local sunrise and sunset times depending on the selected location and timezone.

You can add your own clock to your web site or put a link to WorldClockr with your favourite location. Examples can be seen on top of this page.

The world clock can be downloaded as Apple Dashboard widget and added to the Widgetop Web Desktop

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Please check the iPhone version (http://m.worldclockr.com) as well.


On WorldWatchr you can manage your personal collection of Webcams and other images. Now you can stay in touch with your home, famous places of the world, the current traffic conditions and much more by watching your favorite web cameras. This WorldWatchr application makes it easy to monitor web images which are continuously updated (like web cam pictures). It can cycle through all your cams and updates the images periodically.

The images don't have to be produced by web cameras. You can monitor any image which is updated over time like weather radars, traffic maps and so on.

Please check the iPhone version (http://m.worldwatchr.com) as well.

Ajax Live Search

Ajax Live Search
The Ajax Live Search page uses the Google Ajax Search API and HTML frames to create a more convenient search experience than traditional search frontends. Features include search while you type, open search results in a separate frame, keep search results and a search word history.

Goggle Maps Wall Calendar

GMaps Wall Calendar
Do you look for a personal and unique gift for your friends or beloved ones on Christmas or birthdays? What about a wall calendars made out of Google Maps?

GMaps Wall Calendar makes it easy to create the calendar sheets.

Java Projects

JSF FormBuilder

JSF FormBuilder
The JSF FormBuilder is a free Java Swing application for creating forms for the Java Server Faces (JSF) library. It kick starts JSF projects by creating and managing all necessary files and makes adding new forms to an existing project a matter of seconds. Starting from scratch or modifying the generated form is easy and fast.

Java WMF Tools

Javaworld Article: Secure type-safe collections

Old Research Projects


This is a simple tutorial example of a driven dissipative dynamical system, which exhibits a period doubling route to chaos. I investigated this system back in 1991 as part of a practical training at university.
Make sure you don't miss the animated attractor.

Complex Ginzburg-Landau Equation Simulator

GLApplet Map
This is a little Java applet to calculate a model equation for a class of nonlinear dynamic systems - the one dimensional complex Ginzburg-Landau equation. The solution of this equation shows several interesting phenomena like pattern formation, chaotic and intermittend behaviour.
Test it yourself.

Bouncing Balls

Sphere demo
This is the result one of my very first projects. I wrote a simple raytracer in Turbo Pascal because I wanted to look into object oriented programming. Back in the early 90ies it took me over a week to render the images for this little animation.

About Me

This is the homepage of Piet Jonas.


You can read the latest news about my various projects on my blog pietjonas.blogspot.com


Despite some scientific papers I wrote a JavaWorld article some time ago:
Secure type-safe collections


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