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Mobile Basketball

This is the mobile phone (J2ME) version of my quite popular Basketball game, which is available as Java Applet and as a Apple Dashboard widget.

You can play the game on your iPhone: basketball.speedymarks.com



Download the game from Mobile2Day to your phone.


I'm still looking for a north american reseller of this game.

iPhone Version:
Available in the App Store

Requirements: The game runs on almost all phones which have Java (J2ME MIDP 1.0 and MIDP 2.0) support. It adapts nicely to different screen sizes and works on color, grayscale and even on black and white screens.
It's impossible to test it on all available phone. Please let me know about any problems.


  • Supports MIDP 1.0 and 2.0 phones.
  • Full Keyboard control
  • Pen control if available
  • 3 Game modes:
    • Practice
    • Number of shots
    • Time
  • Nice sound and vibration effects
  • Change gravity

How to play


On keyboard only phones you can use either the joystick or the

             2 (up)

   4 (left)  5(shot)  6 (right)

             8 (down)

keys to control direction and the speed of the ball.
The ball is shot with key 5.

When the ball hits the basket press the shot key to play again.

It's the goal of the game to score as often as possible in either a limited time or with as fewest shots as possible.


You can test the game as Java applet on my web page here.

Or download and install this game as Apple Dashboard widget. Screenshot

Or add it to your Widgetop desktop:

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