The WMF Viewer for mobile phones

How to create WMF Download Directories

The WMFViewer application can download WMFs directly or from WMF directories. A WMF directory is a simple tab separated text file with several lines, separated by Windows line breaks (CR/LF).

Each line in the list defines either a URL to a WMF or to another WMF (sub)directories. A line has 3 columns separated by tabulators:
  1. Column: contains the name, used in the list for display. 
  2. Column: contains either a 'd' for directory or an 'a' for a WMF. 
  3. Column: contains the URL, relative to the directory (or use http:// for a full address)
Subdirectories point to files with the same data structure.
This example file defines a WMF in the first line and a subdirectory (with more WMFs and subdirectories) in the second line.
Logo a examples/logo.wmf
Examples d examples/examples.txt
Access the directory
In order to access the WMF directory from the WMFViewer application, enter the URL of the directory file. Any URL which doesn't end with the extension '.wmf' is assumed to be a directory.