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You can download a demo version of the WMFWriter package. It is for evaluation purposes only. Any commercial use is strictly prohibited. It will print a demo message and diagonal stripes in every WMF it creates.

    WMFWriter.zip contains all necessary class files and the documentation.
    WMFWriter2D.jar contains the WMFWriter library only (WMF.class, WMFGraphics.class, WMFGraphics2D.class, ClipboardCopy.class)

If you want to use the WMFWriter in your project you can purchase via ShareIt or send me your purchase order. You have to pay a one time license fee only for each application in which you want to use the WMFWriter library. There are no royalty payments for redistributing the library with your product.

Single License


Buy it

Without source code

149 EUR


With source code

299 EUR


With source code, Updates and Support for 1 year

999 EUR


License FAQ

I want to integrate the WMFWriter library into my application. Do I need to pay royalties when I sell the application to my customers?

No, there are no royalty payments.

I want to use the library in different applications. Do I need more than one license?

Yes, you need a license for each application. Please ask for volume discounts and company licenses.

May I redistribute the source code?

No, the redistribution of the source code is strictly prohibited. You are only redistribute to binary library as part of your application.

I want to integrate the WMFWriter into my own library. Is it enough to purchase a single license to redistribute it?

No, please ask for a special library license which involves royalty payments.

Piet Jonas