Solving Common Problems

The compiling of the backing bean fails

Make sure the application can call the java compiler and you have the jsf-api.jar library in the <current>/lib/ directory.

Error: 'Can't find FacesContext'

You forgot to include the path to the faces servlet in your URL. Therefore JSF doesn't find its controller. It should look like: http://myhost/MyForm.jsf (if you use the standard URL pattern *.jsf).

Recreate Forms without loosing changes to the backing bean

Put your changes in a derived class of the backing bean and change the faces-config.xml (<managed-bean> section) to use it instead. Then you can safely recreate the backing bean without loosing your changes. As long as you don't change the old fields it should still work.

How to change the templates for the generated Java source code and JSPs (new in Version 1.1)

The FormBuilder uses Velocity to generate the files. The template for the Java backing beans is stored in templates/ and for the JSPs in templates/form.jsp.vm. Please see the Velocity tutorial on how to adapt the templates for your own project.